Monday, March 25, 2013

Big-Week 3

Big Week 3

I'm running just a tiny bit behind on my Fearless painting :( Here's my week 3 painting- it's BIG :) It's about 1 metre by 75cm.

Here's my journalling for this week.

Curious, with my week 2 painting I was really curious about how I looked like a man in my painting, quite masculine, so that's where I started for this painting. Same old fear gremlins- starting to wonder if he ever goes away?? maybe he just gets quieter or he's easier to shut up?
This weeks fear gremlin Was Like "this is ridculous" "too Colourful"  "like a Circus" "stupid, why'd you want to do a hat" etc etc
I had such a hard time with the hat, keep hearing I had to do a hat, so didn't want to do a hat lol

I don't like this painting much- guess that's the gremlin again. 

to me it conjures all the elements: Earth, Wind/Air, Fire and Water. 

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2amscrapper said...

awesome--something I can appreciate because I could not attempt this!