Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vision Board

Today, I'd like to share with you how I created my vision board for 2016.  This will be the 3rd year that I've created one, after my friend Karen Boyes introduced me to the idea.  I love focusing your wishes and actively manifesting your desires for the upcoming year.
I've found by putting the finished board up in my studio, I reflect on the board through the year, and it helps me refocus my dreams and goals throughout the year.

Today, I have created my 2016 Vision Board, conciously with the New Moon - to help me release and make way for the new. I've taken inspiration from another friend Hali Karla, to start a new moon art practice- check it out and join in. I intend to use the prompts as a place to bring me back to art journalling or creating at least once a month. Her prompt for this month is Dedication, I'm not going to share my dedication with you,  other than to say I'm commiting to Life in 2016.
Hali is so inspiring, I think its gonna be great.

So to my 2016 Vision Board.
I thought I'd share with you my process, to hopefully inspire you to create your own.
(note this is a photo loaded post).

Here's my blank A3 size of paper, go as big as you dare!
Blank A3 Paper

 Next, I've gone through magazines, calendars etc, and taken out quotes, words and pictures that call to me and my heart, that I want to use or might want to use aand cut them out, I like to round all the edges.

My clippings
Next I glue down my main images, I like to put them slightly on angles and not think abaout it too much- just going with the flow.

Then I cover up the main images with scrap paper and spray some Dylusions inks, but you could use paints, crayons or fill more of the blank space anyway you fancy.

Background done
Then I start adding the smaller clippings, I like to layer them and again go with the flow, not thinking too hard about placement. I do tend to group the clippings together though. So One corner for family, one for health and so on.

Taking Shape
Next, I start adding more specific personal goals or wishes in pen, I also start filling the gaps with stamps and stencilling.

I keep tweeking and adding depth to the background until I'm happy.

Here's the finished board up on the wall in my studio.

Finished Vision Board 2016

If you are inspired to create your own, let me know, cause I'd love to see it, and if you do - Have Fun!
Don't forget to check out The New Moon Art Practice with Hali too.

Have a great day.


Gio said...

Wow, it's the first time I see a Vision Board, it's amazing, and so inspiring ,Debi!

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, my first time too to see a vision board, - what an amazing collage!!

Ink Art Designs said...

I looove the idea of a vision board...I have heard of them but have never attempted on. You have inspired me to give it a go :)
What a great way to focus. Thanks Debi for the link to Hali's tempting...
Dot x

Ink Art Designs said...
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Laura S Reading said...

I love your idea to go as big as you dare.
Beautiful, inspiring images. I especially like RETREAT.
Although the word can be taken different ways, I read them all as positive. And Love Thyself. Important and beautiful.

butterfly said...

What a fantastic idea to have a vision board - and what a colourful, positive vision your collage gives of 2016... I hope it brings you all the good things you hope for.
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Debi. Chi Miigwetch for sharing your process and vision board.

Hali said...

Love seeing the process, Debi! Thank you for joining in for Art Practice, Moon Magic at the link-up. I look forward to journeying the year's creative energy with you.