Thursday, July 18, 2013

BIG, a very delayed week 5

I'm absolutely Thrilled to have finally finished week 5 of Fearless BIG painting. I started the Fearless painting adventure many many weeks ago. in a pattern I'm determined to beat this time, as the finish approached I slowed down and seemed unable to move through week 5.

Week 5 was about painting How it Feels to be You, that was fine, and to paint the biggest we'd ever painted, that was fine too (so I thought). So I went BIG and Juicy- 4 times the size I'd been painting up till then. I started this painting in week 5.......Once I started I actually felt completely overwhelmed. I couldn't get the flow of paint quick enough on the paper. The paper seemed to demand alot of paint and the size, I was having to crawl all over the painting. I had the figure the owl and most of the background done, but the fear gremlin didn't like it.... not good enough, not this not that.
And so a big pause happened, I'd feel guilty every time I walked past the folded paper, that always seemed to be in the way! And feeling guilty being part of the Fearless Tribe, like a fraud.
Then today the urge to paint was so strong, that I just squeezed the paint on the palate and went for it.

And finally it's finished and I love it! I went over some of the previous painted bits, to brighten and add depth.

Hard to show the painting in it's fullness, here are some more:

The Owl

Red Lotus and Desert


I tried not to analyse but just paint- but as I got towards the end I realised that the elements are represented as well as Day and Night, Light and Dark.

Finally to give you an idea of the size, here's a photo of the face with a pen.

Size guide, see the pen

I feel inspired now to keep going and finish BIG, with week 6 (ish) next week.

Thanks for visiting today, have a great week.


Krisha said...

WOW Debi! This is just fabulous! It should be on a wall!

artsy antoinette said...

I LOVED your painting and your explanation of delay in BIG... thanks to you... I have finished my BIG now and she is drying. I had even gone so far as to store her beside the freezer - away... never to be completed... or the thought was she is meant to be this way... SO.. thank you thank you thank you for sharing your painting on the tribe page and your blog. I will post mine when she is dry.

artsy antoinette said...

Thank you for sharing your painting and your experience on the fb page. Thanks to you I have now finished mine and she is drying... I no longer feel like a poser. I will post the pictures as soon as it is dry.

butterfly said...

A wonderful post to read as well as an extraordinary and beautiful piece of art, Debi. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.
Alison x

hazel said...

Wow Debi, what an amazing work of art - it's beautiful.
xxx Hazel.

2amscrapper said...

Wow! I can't paint worth a darn.