Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20th Century Magic

Its the lovely creative Zoe's turn at Craft room challenge, to give us our theme, and she's chosen the 20th Century........ thats one heck of a theme Zoe!

Spoilt for choice, I thought maybe I'd go with the Roaring Twenties or Disco Seventies, in the end I got thinking about one of my all time favourite actors: Jimmy Dean, he had a monumental influence on the youth of the early and late fifties, and maybe other generations. Teenagers didn't really exist before the fifties. 
So that's what I chose, Teenagers and Youth Culture .
Have fun, and check out the Dt's work cause we've rocked the last century good!

Teenagers and Youth Culture.

Our sponsors for this challenge are: Tando Creative.

have another great week.


Mervi said...

Hi Debi,
stunning card, lovely items from movies and music from 70's;-))m

Zoechaos said...

Is there a touch of wistfulness for simpler times here young lady. In the '50s we still had outside loos ( know cause my house built in 1950 has one even today!) Baths if installed were used to keep coal in hot running water was expensive. Lady teachers used wooden rulers to rap our knuckles a stinging you would never forget, boys got the cane. At home Papa ruled the roost while Mama baked. No one had gone into space and computers had tiny memories but required massive rooms.

We have come a long way and in less than one life time. I love your rebel echo here thanks XOXO Zoe

Nan G said...

See you say Jimmy Dean and I immediately thought of Jimmy Dean the country singer/actor. when actually after reading Zoe's comment I think you are possibly referring to James Dean, who portrayed the rebel teen in the 50s movies. I like your card. Very fitting for the era of the 50s.

hazel said...

I love your card Debi, the colours are fabulous - a great take on the theme.
xxx Hazel.

butterfly said...

What a terrific take on the theme - those trainers (sneakers? or shall I just go with Converse?!) are fabulous! Love the stars and colours too.
Alison x

Carol said...

Love the connections - rebels and youth culture, first generation to have "free cash" too.Gorgeous card x